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Museum Consulting and Coaching for Nonprofits

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Get to Know Beth Housewert

Helping nonprofits and museums find their guiding principles in education and interaction is what gets me excited to 'go to work' each morning.

As a veteran museum professional with over 20 years of experience, I see that startup, redeveloping, and newly envisioned museums often struggle with finding direction and confidence. Making change in your organization can be hard!

I've collaborated with numerous organizations, providing strategies such as educational playbooks, educational exhibit design, planning facilitation, and staff learning modules. Through coaching and mentoring, I empower committees and staff members, fostering the ideas that are already inside them and building internal strength in their own abilities.

With over two decades of experience in interactive educational organizations ranging from formal schools to Museums, I have diverse practitioner and leadership experience with proven growth in my team members, awards, and diverse lasting connections in the industry.

My dedication to empowering others and making a positive impact, drives me in both my professional and community endeavors.

Let's chat about your next project... and bring ideas to reality! 

Because play based learning and interactive trainings take on many forms.

Here are three (of many) options highlighting how Inspired Impact can help make the most  of the experiences in your museum, nonprofit, or workplace!

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Helping nonprofit newbies and teams jump start museum foundational knowledge and engagement in just 4 one hour sessions!

All without adding tasks to the already full plates of existing staff members.

DOWNLOAD a program one pager.


offered monthly

This package includes:

a 4-part

workshop series

Coaching sessions that keep education, interactivity, and professional growth action steps as the true north in every conversation.


90 days

This package includes:

one on one coaching sessions

individualized curriculum selection

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Jump Start logo (1).png

Are you struggling to find affordable, specialized guidance for your nonprofit or museum's evolving needs and priorities?


It’s all about having an experienced guide to help identify blind spots and empower you with knowledge to navigate the

next right steps!


6 months

This package includes:

a choice of services based on your needs

A FREE Monthly meet up of museum professionals from across the industry and beyond! 


Monthly on the second Wednesday

This call includes:

-- a one hour call --

5-10 minutes of housekeeping and intros

25ish minutes of interactive learning


25ish minutes of networking and ?’s

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Christina 'CC' Fredericks /

Sarasota Children’s Museum

“Beth is very innovative in her delivery methods and explaining. She kept our interest and is a wealth of knowledge for others.”

John Shaw / Museum EXP

"I'm so thankful for Beth’s friendship and mentorship these past few years. Looking forward to working together again sometime soon!"

Kelli Toohill / Wise Wonders Children’s Museum

“Thank you so much for the information and background details - so helpful as we move forward with our emerging museum”

Let's chat...

because it's fun to get to know each other! 

Thanks for reaching out!

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