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You've reached the best place for empowering all ages through play-based learning and training! 

Are you struggling to get staff up to speed quickly so they can hit the ground running all while embracing the power of play, strengthening your mission, and thriving in our dynamic industry?

Inspired Impact has you covered. Let’s embark on a learning adventure to level up both the people and the things (exhibits) that educate!

Because play based learning and interactive trainings take on many forms. Here are two (of many) options highlighting how Inspired Impact can help make learning the most engaging part of the experiences in your museum, nonprofit, or workplace!

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advice given from an industry expert

Evaluating your existing (or proposed) staff interaction, programs, and exhibits to provide a 10 point audit report with recommendations that you can act on fast.


30 days


This package includes:

Exhibit and Program physical report with individual component and whole picture analysis


Suggestions for future action steps

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training for non-profit and museum newbies

Helping nonprofit leaders jump start productivity for new hires in 6 weeks or less without adding tasks to the already full plates of existing staff members.


Custom to your needs

This package includes:

a 4-part

workshop series


4 weeks of

group coaching

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support, knowledge, and encouragement

Coaching sessions that keep education, interactivity, and professional growth action steps as the true north in every conversation.


90 days

This package includes:

one on one coaching sessions

individualized curriculum selection

Next steps report


Let's chat... because it's fun to get to know each other! 

Beth Housewert, CEO / Founder

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